Can books be downloaded?

Absolutely — and it's really easy.

If your membership plan includes downloads, just open up the book's product page, and click on the big green "Download" button. You'll get a choice of three download formats, or you can read online.

Once you've unlocked downloads from a book, you can download as many formats, as many times as you need. There are three to choose from:

  • PDF files — easy to use on desktop computers, along with most smartphones and tablets. It's a page-based format, so it provides the closest equivalent to a printed book.
  • EPUB is the industry standard for digital books, and is supported by almost all ebook readers, including Apple's iBooks software.
  • MOBI format is a file format design for Amazon's kindle devices — it also works with their apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

If your plan doesn't include downloads, just email our support team, who'll be happy to take you through the options.


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    Bryan Edwards

    Still can not download to my Ipad

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